Sunday, November 30, 2008

Dickenson County, VA

When did your encounter occur?: In or around the 1930's. Early fall

Where did your encounter occur?: Dickenson County, Virginia

What time of day or night did your encounter occur?: Mid-day

Please use this section to explain your encounter in detail.: This story has been related to me by Father & Grandmother. My Great-Grandfather, My Grandfather and two of my Great-Uncles were cutting hay, when a large, hair covered creature came out of the wood adjacent to the field. The men ran and their dog, which had followed them to the field, ran toward the animal. Upon returning to the sight that evening, they found no trace of the creature or the dog, only a bloody spot on the ground. I have no other details regarding the creature.

Were there any other witnesses?:

Is there anything you would like to add?: My family has speculated that this creature was a bear. I however feel that these men were good mountain folks and hunters, I think if they had seen a bear, they would have have known it was bear and probally would have not ran. Also, I myself am a hunter and have never heard of a bear approaching a group of people.