Sunday, November 30, 2008

Dickenson County, VA

When did your encounter occur?: In or around the 1930's. Early fall

Where did your encounter occur?: Dickenson County, Virginia

What time of day or night did your encounter occur?: Mid-day

Please use this section to explain your encounter in detail.: This story has been related to me by Father & Grandmother. My Great-Grandfather, My Grandfather and two of my Great-Uncles were cutting hay, when a large, hair covered creature came out of the wood adjacent to the field. The men ran and their dog, which had followed them to the field, ran toward the animal. Upon returning to the sight that evening, they found no trace of the creature or the dog, only a bloody spot on the ground. I have no other details regarding the creature.

Were there any other witnesses?:

Is there anything you would like to add?: My family has speculated that this creature was a bear. I however feel that these men were good mountain folks and hunters, I think if they had seen a bear, they would have have known it was bear and probally would have not ran. Also, I myself am a hunter and have never heard of a bear approaching a group of people.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Buchanan County

Timeframe unknown.
Pound, VA
Man takes shots at creature with a 12 gauge shotgun. Read the story HERE.
(Courtesy of the GCBRO)

Madison County

2 October 1998
Hawksbill Mountain
Man shoots at creature in the Shenandoah Mountains, Virginia. Click HERE to read the story.
(Courtesy of Bobbie Short of Bigfoot Encounters)

Pulaski County

Name: Jason
Location of Sighting: Claytor Lake, VA
Date of Sighting: July 2006

History of the area:

If the bottom of clear, cold, deep, 21-mile-long Claytor Lake was visible, visitors would get a glimpse of one link on the chain of history connecting early settlement along the frontier area known as southwest Virginia. The 4,475-acre impoundment of the New River lies south of Radford and east of Pulaski in Pulaski County, an easy jump from Interstate 81.
The nearby interstate and US 11 follow closely the old Wilderness Road, a footpath and wagon trail for settlers traveling south down the Shenandoah and Roanoke valleys from Pennsylvania. Thousands of years before European pioneers started streaming down the valley in the mid-1700s, the road was a well-traveled hunting and raiding route used by southern Cherokee and Catawba tribes, as well as members of the northern Iroquois Confederacy of Five Nations. A mystic German sect called the Ephrata Brethren (later to be known as Dunkards) decided the land now covered by Claytor Lake was the place they wanted to stop. When the New River was dammed to form Claytor Lake for the generating of electric power in 1939, the community known as Dunkard's Bottom was swallowed by the rising waters.

Claytor Lake State Park. With 472 acres of mostly hardwoods and pines, Claytor Lake State Park is now the centerpiece of 21-mile-long Claytor Lake. The park is a magnet to some 300,000 people a year whose primary recreational interests are waterbased.

At 350 million years old, the New River is hardly "new" at all. In fact, many geologists believe the New is second only to the Nile as the oldest river in the world. In prehistoric times, the river flowed north to the St. Lawrence River on the United States border with Canada.

Witness statements:

Jason is an avid fisherman. He takes his boat to Claytor Lake often to spend some time with his fishing line in the water. On one particular summer late afternoon, he situated his boat into a cove area on the lake to do some fishing. While there, he hears something off the edge of the lake bank. He hears what he describes as three (3) low grunt noises and then something takes off through the woods and up a hill. As it quickly moves, he can hear it breaking limbs as it goes. After his brief moment of excitement, he goes back to fishing. Just a few minutes later he hears the sound of tree limbs snapping and breaking as a large 100-150 lb. boulder comes flying out of the woods and lands in the lake approximately 50 yards in front of his boat. At this point he feels unwelcome and leaves the area quickly.


The encounter occurred over a year ago. Jason has agreed to meet with the Sasquatch Watch of VA crew in upcoming Spring/Summer of 2008 to take us to the area. We will conduct an investigation of the area and report field activities in the "Research Blog" located on our website.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Prince William County

Sighting #1

Name: Billy Willard
Date of Sighting: June 23, 2006
Location: Prince William Forest Park on Rt. 619
Time: 9:40 pm.

On Friday June 23, 2006, I was driving northwest on Rt. 619 (Joplin Road) that passes between Prince William Forest Park and the Quantico Marine Base. The time was 9:40 pm. As I executed a curve to the right, I came across a large bipedal creature heading into the woods. The creature was within 30-50 feet of my vehicle. I first saw the creature at the white solid line on the right side of the highway. The legs were VERY large, probably the size of my waist. I saw what appeared to be skin on the bottom of the feet as the creature quickly made its way into the woods and off the highway. The hair was black and pretty long and shaggy looking. The animal moved with an extreme amount of speed. My sighting lasted for about 2-3 seconds. The creature entered into the Prince William Forest Park area. I stopped immediately and shined a flashlight into the woods and saw nothing.

Sighting #2

Timeframe: 1957
Quantico Marine Base
Quantico, VA
A marine sees a creature on post. Click HERE for the story.
(Courtesy of the GCBRO)

Sighting #3

When did your encounter occur?: 6:20am monday nov 10 2008
Where did your encounter occur?: Side yard of the house
What time of day or night did your encounter occur?: 6:20am
Please use this section to explain your encounter in detail.: came out of the house. turned to get into the van and saw a Sasquatch walk across the neighbors yard toward the woods. i would guess he/she was 8 foot tall 400 pound reddish brown hair pointed head. no smell or sounds noticed. acted as if I was not there but was moving like I startled it
Were there any other witnesses?:
Is there anything you would like to add?: wife has heard something around the outside of the house
What is your name?: Bob
Catharpin, VA

Sasquatch Watch of VA is currently investigating this sighting. (As of Nov 2008)

Henrico County

Sighting #1

Year: 2005
Length of Observation: approximately 15 to 20 minutes
Location: Varina, Virgina
Month: Not Sure
Time of Day: 12:00 midnight
Season: Spring

Terrain: Some forest areas and open field areas where corn and soybean are grown. The forest is thick farther in and a creek runs through the forest. This creek has some banks as high as 12 feet.

Weather Conditions: The sighting occurred immediately after a bad storm. The moon was shining bright which aided in the sighting.

Lighting Conditions: Moonlight provided lighting for the sighting
Activity at time of sighting: Driving

Number of Witnesses: Her 16 year old son, her son's 19 year old girlfriend and another 21 year old boy.

Description of Location:
The site is known for its Indian Burial Grounds. Also, the Richmond Battlefield is within one mile of the site. A Bigfoot encounter was reported in the nearby battlefield recently. According to the account, a Civil War reanactment was taking place. One of the soldiers saw a creature that he believed was a devil due to the red eyes, he shot at the creature and the creature let out a loud moaning noise and ran off into the woods.

Animal Description: gray, silver in color, about 7.5 to 8 feet tall
Animal Activity: squatting by a creek

Description of Overall Event:
Patricia describes the creature as gray, silver in color. She describes the smell as a fishy smell, simular to being at a fish shop where they clean fish. According to Patricia, the creature stood . She first saw the creature squatting by a creek. When the creature saw that it had been seen, it proceeded up out of the creek and onto the roadway where she was. She drove up the road when the creature came out onto the road and stayed out of view of the creature for approximately 15 to 20 minutes. When she returned, the creature was again down by the creek, this time standing. When the creature seen her again, she decided to leave the area. She had three other witnesses with her that all observed the encounter. This encounter has been submitted by Billy Willard, VA Chapter of NESRA, in behalf of Patricia Kennedy of Richmond, Virginia.

Investigator Commentary:
Patricia described the smell as a fishy smell, like dead fish, A Bigfoot encounter was reported in the nearby battlefield recently. According to the account, a Civil War reanactment was taking place. One of the soldiers saw a creature that he believed was a devil due to the red eyes, he shot at the creature and the creature let out a loud moaning noise and ran off into the woods.

Sighting #2

Name: Josh Willard
Date of Sighting: July 19, 2005
Location: Varina, VA

Description of Sighting by Josh:
On July 19, 2005 at 8:41 pm me and my brother Tim actually had an encounter! It was unbelievable! I am going to tell the whole story... Here we go!It all started when we got a phone call telling us we had a fresh 2 week old encounter located in Southern Virginia. So me, my dad, and my two brothers and T Lancaster went to the area that the witness saw the Sasquatch. The witness' name was Patricia. She told us all about the Sasquatch she saw. She said it was grey, very broad, matted dirty hair, and had a dome located on its head. After we talked to her, we decided to go ahead and go into the woods. My dad and T Lancaster went in the middle of the woods, My older brother went into a large field, and me and my little brother went to the outer edge of the woods. Me and my brother decided to enter into the woods, and we saw nothing. We left the woods and called my dad on our phone, and said we were heading back. He said to stay and watch carefully. My dad said he saw a glimpse of something REALLY fast and REALLY big! He also said he became disoriented. So me and my brother went back, and after we entered the woods, we waited for about 10 minites on a stump. Then my brother said, "OH MY GOD!" I asked him what is wrong, and he just pointed! I looked and saw about 80 feet in front of us a VERY LARGE creature, with gray hair, very matted looking, and looked about 8 or 9 feet tall! And I have to say, when you picture 8 or 9 feet tall in your mind, it is NOTHING compared to when you see it! He also had a dome on his head. Then my brother pointed back at it and said, "Josh! It is coming to us!!!" I looked and he was slowly walking in a curious way. My brother wanted to leave but I tried to remind him that you do not need to be frightened! Sasquatch won't hurt you! So we got closer, and he stopped! We stopped too! Then he just sped down the ditch we were near! And then we went to the edge of the ditch and saw him squatting down ignoring us too! We called my dad on the phone and told him what happened. By the time they got here, it was too late! I will always remember that evening!

Fauquier County

Entry #1

Sound Encounter

Name: Cathy
Report Date = 9.8.2007
Date of Sighting = 1994(?)
County = Fauquier
Closest City = Somerville, Va
Time = dusk

Description of Sighting = My ex-husband's family owns several hundred acres of cattle farm. One evening, we were chatting with his sister and her husband out side their house at the bend in the road when we heard a wail. It sounded not more than a half mile off to the south south east of their driveway and called two or three times in quick succession. Two of the people I was standing with had grown up on the property and the other had hunted the property for over twenty years - they had never heard this sound before and they were nervous. This was not a cow or bull or dog or owl or anything they had heard before. My oldest sister worked at The National Zoo in D.C. for many years - it did not sound like anything I ever heard there. I worked in a 1400 acre park in Fairfax County (a very beautiful swamp!)for three years and never heard anything like this. My impression of the voice was not threatening or calling for help. Kind of general "is anybody out there?" call. It was throaty and deep like it came from a large-chested animal. I lived there from 1992 to 1995 and only heard this sound once.