Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Prince William County

Sighting #1

Name: Billy Willard
Date of Sighting: June 23, 2006
Location: Prince William Forest Park on Rt. 619
Time: 9:40 pm.

On Friday June 23, 2006, I was driving northwest on Rt. 619 (Joplin Road) that passes between Prince William Forest Park and the Quantico Marine Base. The time was 9:40 pm. As I executed a curve to the right, I came across a large bipedal creature heading into the woods. The creature was within 30-50 feet of my vehicle. I first saw the creature at the white solid line on the right side of the highway. The legs were VERY large, probably the size of my waist. I saw what appeared to be skin on the bottom of the feet as the creature quickly made its way into the woods and off the highway. The hair was black and pretty long and shaggy looking. The animal moved with an extreme amount of speed. My sighting lasted for about 2-3 seconds. The creature entered into the Prince William Forest Park area. I stopped immediately and shined a flashlight into the woods and saw nothing.

Sighting #2

Timeframe: 1957
Quantico Marine Base
Quantico, VA
A marine sees a creature on post. Click HERE for the story.
(Courtesy of the GCBRO)

Sighting #3

When did your encounter occur?: 6:20am monday nov 10 2008
Where did your encounter occur?: Side yard of the house
What time of day or night did your encounter occur?: 6:20am
Please use this section to explain your encounter in detail.: came out of the house. turned to get into the van and saw a Sasquatch walk across the neighbors yard toward the woods. i would guess he/she was 8 foot tall 400 pound reddish brown hair pointed head. no smell or sounds noticed. acted as if I was not there but was moving like I startled it
Were there any other witnesses?:
Is there anything you would like to add?: wife has heard something around the outside of the house
What is your name?: Bob
Catharpin, VA

Sasquatch Watch of VA is currently investigating this sighting. (As of Nov 2008)

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