Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Fauquier County

Entry #1

Sound Encounter

Name: Cathy
Report Date = 9.8.2007
Date of Sighting = 1994(?)
County = Fauquier
Closest City = Somerville, Va
Time = dusk

Description of Sighting = My ex-husband's family owns several hundred acres of cattle farm. One evening, we were chatting with his sister and her husband out side their house at the bend in the road when we heard a wail. It sounded not more than a half mile off to the south south east of their driveway and called two or three times in quick succession. Two of the people I was standing with had grown up on the property and the other had hunted the property for over twenty years - they had never heard this sound before and they were nervous. This was not a cow or bull or dog or owl or anything they had heard before. My oldest sister worked at The National Zoo in D.C. for many years - it did not sound like anything I ever heard there. I worked in a 1400 acre park in Fairfax County (a very beautiful swamp!)for three years and never heard anything like this. My impression of the voice was not threatening or calling for help. Kind of general "is anybody out there?" call. It was throaty and deep like it came from a large-chested animal. I lived there from 1992 to 1995 and only heard this sound once.

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